A Photo Tour – Uluru, Australia

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Photo Tour of Uluru, Australia

Is there a more iconic image of Australia than that of Uluru?

Yes, the kangaroo and koala get a lot of attention but when you think about Australia and its rugged outback few other images come to mind besides the sandstone monolith of Uluru (Ayer’s Rock). Despite seeing heaps (as the Aussie’s would say) of photos of Uluru on postcards and in travel magazines, it didn’t come close to showcasing its true size and beauty.

After picking up our rental car at the airport we set off immediately toward “The Rock”. It didn’t take more than a few minutes before it appeared before us in the distance out our front windshield. This massive yet beautiful rock seems to spring out of nowhere with nothing but miles of desert and scrub surrounding it in the every direction. It is cliché to say this but as we got closer and closer to us we really were left breathless at the scale and majesty of it.

We were up early the next day and spent the morning walking the full 10 km base of Uluru in order to get a better appreciation of its size, and of course to get up close to the many areas that are of great significance to the local Anangu people of Australia. There are many areas that you can visit which show where the aborigines would sleep, cook, eat and hold elder meetings. There are also some fantastic pieces of rock art that are surprisingly well maintained given the amount of the people visit there every year.

The walk only took us 2 to 2.5 hours and that included taking lots of photos and stopping for a little break half way through. It was an excellent little trek except for the hoards of flies! We would have to literally run around the car as fast as we could before jumping in to try and shake as many flies off of us as we could. Make sure before you go to get yourself some sort of mosquito net hat or the flies will drive you completely bonkers and also don’t wear black (like I did) if you can avoid it.

Uluru is a very special place and after having now visited it, we can see why it is so revered by the Anangu people who have been caretakers of it for tens of thousands of years. “The Rock” is truly one of earth’s greatest natural wonders.

When you get there you’ll understand why seeing it on a postcard just doesn’t cut it!

Here now is our photo tour of Uluru.


Uluru Sunrise

Iconic Uluru Landscape

Uluru Landscape

The sandstone monolith

Up close to Uluru

In the shadows

The dark side of Uluru

Aboriginal artwork

Aboriginal artwork Uluru

Artwork aboriginal Australia

The elders meeting area

Elders meeting area Uluru

“The Rock”

Another side of Uluru

Around the back

Around the back of Uluru

A portrait

Uluru portait




Cheers and thanks for reading!

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