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Three years ago we realized that something big was missing in our lives.

From the outside we had everything, a home in a beautiful area near the mountains, a rental property in our hometown, two cars, good educations & credentials, luxury vacations each year and lucrative jobs with big corporations and great future prospects. Both under 30, we surely had stellar futures laid out for us. And I guess that was where we saw the problem, we saw the next thirty years laid out for us and while it looked outwardly comfortable it was grievously short on adventure and the mysterious promises of the great unknown. We had made all the “right” moves by society’s standards, but a void persisted.

Should we move, switch industries, get a wild new haircut, get a dog…?

On a blustery Thanksgiving weekend evening we opted to see a movie we really knew nothing about called Samsara. It featured exotic images of Asia masterfully set to the most haunting melodies. The movie awoke something within us, a yearning that’s difficult to articulate. As we walked through the abandoned streets of downtown Calgary, Ross stopped abruptly and asked if we should quit our jobs and travel the world.

We’ve gone through the gamut of emotions since we made the decision to leave behind our lives, comfortable as they were, to follow our shared dream to see the world. We have not regretted this choice for one minute and it is without question the best decision we have ever made and one that we only wish we would have made earlier.

Our journey so far has taken us to the other side of the world; exploring wonders we never dreamt of and inspiring us to re-evaluate our priorities and direction we want to steer our lives. It’s our wildest dream that we can inspire others who, like us, want more out of life, who are ready for something big and desire adventure and freedom each day.

We want to personally thank you for visiting our site and encourage you to begin following our journey around the world!  Our hope is that through the sharing of our experiences, insights and photos, that we can help inspire others to not only travel but to realize that life is too short not to go after your dreams today!

Is this is your first time here?

If so, welcome!  In order to better understand our decision to quit our jobs and start travelling indefinitely, you should start by reading:

Why I Quit My Job to Travel the World – Should You?

Thanks again for following along with us!

Ross & Alyse


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