A Photo Tour – Beijing, China

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Photo Tour of Beijing

Wow, what a massive city! Beijing, at over 20 million people, holds almost as many people as our home country of Canada! While Shanghai is the financial capital of China,  Beijing is the political and cultural capital of China. While walking around you will sometimes forget that this city dates back almost three millennia that is of course until you explore some of the most important cultural attractions in the country such as the Forbidden City.

With world class restaurants, museums, historical sites, night life, and public transportation, Beijing is an outstanding city with so much to see and do that you’ll almost forget about the horrendous pollution that you may be up against while walking around the city.

Here now is our photo tour of Beijing:

Apple haircut

With a middle class of 300 million people and growing, consumer spending is out of control in China.

Peking Duck Beijing

Beijing’s most famous dish, Peking Duck.  Contrary to what we believed, the duck is eaten by wrapping it inside a thin rice pancake with spring onions and hoisin sauce.

Chinese Checkers

Day and night, you can find Chinese men playing checkers and mahjong and women playing cards on the sidewalks of Beijing. Large crowds form around the game while onlookers shout suggestions at players.

Chinese military

We have never seen so many police and military patrolling one area like they do at Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.

eating scorpions

Close to the Forbidden City is a famous little alley called “Snack Street” where you can try out things like star fish, scorpions, and even sea horses!

Tiananmen Square

The world famous, Tiananmen Square,  a symbol for the Communist government.

Forbidden City Beijing

Built in 1420, the Forbidden City was the Imperial Palace from the Ming to the end of the Qing Dynasties

Lama Temple

Religion is heavily controlled and monitored in China with many locals stating they are not allowed to follow any religion.  This is a view inside of the holiest Tibetan Buddhist temple outside of Tibet, The Yonghe (Lama) Temple.

Summer Palace China

Although covered in smog, the Summer Palace, a former Imperial Palace and favourite residence and meeting area of former emperors and empresses.

photo shoot great wall

What is a Beijing post without a picture from the Great Wall?  See “Hiking the Great Wall” for our post on our day at this wonder of the world.


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