A Photo Tour – Gunung Mulu National Park, Borneo

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Photo Tour of Gunung Mulu National Park

Alyse and I absolutely love the BBC series Planet Earth so when we had the opportunity to travel to Mulu National Park to witness in person one of the most surreal natural events on our planet, we jumped all over the opportunity even if it did cost us a bit more money then we had budgeted.  We were not disappointed.  At sunset, we witnessed millions of bats spiralling out of Deer Cave in search of insects, while dodging oncoming bat hawks looking for dinner.  Make sure to check out “3 Weeks in Borneo” to see our video of this amazing spectacle.

We found the rest of the park nice if not a little too luxurious and boring for our tastes.  The park trails, which span miles, have all been covered by a boardwalk and proper lighting which makes it great for young kids and seniors but was not the rustic trekking we were expecting.

During the rest of our time in Mulu we explored massive caves, searched for creepy crawlies on night walks, sat amongst the birds on the treetop canopy walk, swam under a waterfall and trekked through the more rustic part of the park where we saw some of oldest trees in the world.  We were bummed we did not have enough time to trek to the Pinnacles but we will come back and do this on our next trip to Borneo.

Here is our photo tour of Gunung Mulu National Park:

Abraham Lincoln cave

Bats Borneo

Frog Borneo

mulu national park

Lizard Borneo

Rope Bridge Borneo

Weird trees borneo

Insects deer cave

Deer Cave Borneo

Frog Borneo

Pitcher Plants Borneo


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