Inspirational Travel Shows, Movies & Books

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Inspirational Travel Shows, Movies & Books

Although our inspiration to travel has come from many different sources,  I thought it would be fun to share some of the travel shows, movies and books that have helped inspire us to travel the world!  Enjoy!

Travel Shows

We are self-proclaimed travel channel and animal planet junkies and although we’ve seen some fantastic shows throughout the years, there a few that really stand out in our minds as truly inspirational:

1) Departures: One of the best, if not the best RTW Travel show ever made, rated 9/10 on IMDB.  The show features two friends who travel around the world together over the course of three years and features the best cinematography I’ve ever seen in a travel show.  We have watched this series front to back three times and we will probably watch it once more before we jump on our first flight.  We would also like to recommend the soundtrack which we love so much we played it in the background during the dinner portion of our wedding.

2) Amazing Race:  Who doesn’t love this show?  The only reality show that we consistently look forward to watching season after season with some of the most amazing RTW destinations of all time.  This show has given us some great ideas as to where we would like to visit during our upcoming trip.

3) Planet Earth: Simply one of the most beautiful shot and narrated love letters to Earth that has ever been done. Many of the places that we’ve picked as “must-see” have come directly from this show. God I love David Attenborough!

4) Scam City: This is a weird choice I know, but the child in me who wanted to be a spy loves this show.  Even though this show focuses on scams happening in major tourist destinations around the world, it strangely makes me want to go there.  Is that weird?








1) Samsara: Shot with a 70mm lens, it is possibly the most beautifully shot movie of all time.  Shot over 5 years in 25 countries, and 5 continents, it takes you on a journey that will have you incredibly inspired to see the world afterward.  It was after watching this movie in the theatre that Alyse and I agreed it was time to quit our jobs and travel.  I guess it was the straw the broke the camels back! Make sure to also check out “Baraka”, created by the same people and just as spectacular.

2) The Bond Movies: How can seeing James Bond kick ass and pick up chicks in some of the coolest backdrops in the world not inspire wanderlust?

3) The Bourne Trilogy: OK, so these are not travel movies, but they are my favourite action movies of all time and some of the backdrops like Goa, Geneva, and Morocco (to name a few) has inspired  me to travel to these places.

4) Life of Pi: One of the most visually stunning and beautiful movies you’ll ever see, a story to rival any other, it really makes you question your own ability to be open minded, curious, adventurous and brave.  All traits that are needed on a journey around the world.









1) The Art of Non-Conformity & $100 Start Up (Chris Guillebeau): Alyse and I saw Chris Guillebeau speak at a bookstore in Calgary and we instantly realized why he has such a cult following. He was humble, approachable and inspiring all at once.  People around us were raving about him, his books and his non-conformity ideals.

2) 4 Hour Workweek (Timothy Ferriss): One of the first books I read on the topic of escaping the 9-5 rat race.   It discusses how living an unconventional life is possible and argues that the traditional idea that you need to work 30+ years, retire, then go after your dreams isn’t necessary in todays connected society.  Although not the greatest book in the world, the idea of taking “mini retirements” really resonated with me.

3) The Hobbit (J.R.R. Tolkien): Ok, so this isn’t a RTW travel book, but it is a fantastic story (if you’ve somehow never heard of it) about a hobbit who had previously lived a very sheltered life, who ventured out into an unknown world on an adventure of a lifetime.

Let us know what books, movies and TV shows inspired you!





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