My RTW Packing List

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My RTW Packing List

As you can imagine it has been an absolute whirlwind the last month but I have been eager to get back to working on adding new content to our site.  As you will see over the next year, my style of (if you want to call it that) of posts will be a cornucopia of nonsense with a sprinkle of helpful tips and insights while travelling.

As I often get questions about what I’m going to pack for a year (or more) of travel I give you my first attempt at a “helpful tip post”.

Without any further adieu, here is my Round-The-World (RTW) Packing List.


1) My main backpack is the Osprey Waypoint 65L which comes with a detachable day pack.

2) Slingshot Camera bag for my DSLR Camera.  Holds my camera, lenses, and all other misc. camera stuff.

bag for rtw trip


1) Mac Book Air

2) iPad with Gnarly Fish Keyboard

3) Terabyte external hard drive

4) Universal Adapter

5) Travel Razor

6) Traveling Steri-Pen

7) Headlamp

8) Ipod and Headphones

9) Canon T4I DSLR

electronics rtw trip


1) 1 Touque (beanie for non-Canadians)

2) 1 Buff

3) 1 Pair Runners

4) 1 Pair Hiking Shoes

5) 1 Pair Sandals

6) 1 Baseball Cap (Go Jays!)

7) 1 Pair Jeans

8)  1 Pair Hiking Pants

9) 2 Pairs Casual Shorts

10) 1 Pair Hiking/Running Shorts

11) 1 Pair Swim Trunks

12) 6 Short Sleeve Shirts

13) 3 Long Sleeve Shirts (one is a collared shirt just in case)

14) 1 Jacket

15) 6 Pairs Underwear (2 of which are travel underwear)

16) 6 Pairs of Socks

17) Pair of Sunglasses

clothing rtw trip

clothing rtw trip

clothing rtw trip

Medicine & Toiletries

1) Freezer bag full of Contact Lenses for both Alyse and I (Should of got Laser eye surgery!)

2) Freezer bag full of Over-The-Counter pills (Tylenol, Anti-Nausea/Diarrhea/etc., Anti-Biotic Cream, etc.)

3) Freezer bag full of Anti-Malarial Pills and Anti-Biotics

4) Toiletries Bag (Inside: Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Floss, Facewash, Travel T.P., Hair product, Deodorant)

5) 3 Bottles Hand Sanitizer

medicine for rtw trip


1) Coolmax Cotton Sleep Sack

2) Large Travel Towel

3) Rain Cover for Osprey Backpack

4) First Aid Kit

5) Money Belt

6) Swiss Army Knife (fancy beer opener)

7) 2 Army guys with parachutes (use is to be determined)

8) 2 Compression Sacks (1 Large, 1 Medium)

9) Water Bottle

10) Daypack/Stuff Sack (reduces in size to almost nothing when not used)

11) Combination Lock

12) Copies of Vital Documents

13) My Journal

money belt

travel towel

Toiletries bag

This is what all of my clothes (listed above) look like fitted into my compression sack.  Pretty crazy!

clothing stuff sack

Well, there it is everyone, my new life crammed inside my backpack!  I’ll make sure to do another post 6 or so months from now and let you know what from this list was unnecessary, what I should have brought and what turned out to be the most used items.

rtw packing list






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