Our Crazy, 6, 3, and 1 Month To Do Lists!

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To Do Lists Dancing In Our Heads

Although it has been an absolute gong show since we first decided to start travelling 5 months ago, our “Lists” have have provided a compass and barometer for where we are, and where we need to be!  We thought that it would be a fun exercise detailing exactly what we have completed so far, and what we still have to do, not only for us, but for others out there who are considering starting a similar adventure soon!

6 Months To Go:

1) Determine where we want to travel, how long we want to travel for, and when you want to leave

2) Determine budget of trip based on thorough research on travel websites

3) Setup savings account (highest interest possible), determine monthly contributions in order to reach goal

4) Sell Condo: a) Contact Realtor (Mark Wilbert) b) Make current rental tenants aware that we are listing the property c) List property d) Get assessment for painting unit e) Arrange date for painting to commence e) List property for rental if property not sold by March 1st (see #2)

5) Rent Condo (If Condo not sold by the end of March): a) Post Condo on Kijiji and Rentfaster.ca

6) Order International Driver’s Licenses

7) Update Passports, credit cards, and any other vital documents that may expire while traveling

3 Months to Go:

1) Tell Family and Friends about our Plans!

2) Find Our Cat, Fox, a Good Home

3) Sell Ross’ SUV: a) List car on Auto-trader and Kijiji

4) Sell Alyse’s Car: a) List car on Auto-trader and Kijiji

5) Book Travel Consult with Immunization Doctor a) Get all applicable travel vaccines and prescriptions b) Submit Vaccine Receipts for Reimbursement

6) Make copies of All Major Vital Documents (Passports, Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, Vaccines, Canadian Driver’s License, Healthcare ID, Travel Insurance): a) Distribute to Parents b) Send to our own Email’s for quick access

7) Order a Year Supply of Contact Lenses for both of Us: a) Submit for reimbursement

8) Both to have yearly medical appointment

9) Both to get yearly dental checkup

10) Buy Items on our RTW Shopping List: (Click Here to See our Shopping List)

11) Buy Travel Insurance: World Nomads

15) Make List of Items we want to sell and those we want to keep. a) Start Listing Belongings on Kijiji For Sale

16) Both to update Resumes

17) Update Wills

18) Look into any rewards programs we have and use points before we leave or transfer them to gift cards we can use on the road like Itunes.

19) Setup www.freeyourmindtravel.com Blog Site 🙂

1 Month To Go:

1) File 2012 Taxes

2) Buy Japanese Rail Pass (21 days) (Can’t buy it in Japan.  Must activate within 3 months of purchase).

3) Setup mail forwarding to parents

4) Cancel Memberships: AMA, Gym, etc.

5) Cancel Insurance (car, home, etc)

6) Cancel Phones/TV/Internet

7) Donate Clothing to Goodwill or Diabetes Foundation

8) Donate Books

9) Pack small amount of items to keep in storage

10) Use up all food in freezer and booze in cupboards!!

11) Make a loved one power of attorney for banking

12) Sell remaining belongings (bed, TV, etc)

13) Buy remaining items on our Shopping List

14) Quit our jobs!!!

15) Visit family and friends

16) Depart on first flight (Tokyo)


Hopefully you found this little peek into the chaos that has been our last 6 months as interesting as it has been to juggle getting this all done while both working full time jobs.

As always, if you have any questions, please fire away and we’ll answer as best as we can.



Ross & Alyse




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