Our 10 Favourite Photos of Hanoi and Ha Long Bay

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10 Favourite Photos of Hanoi and Ha Long Bay

We spent close to a week in Hanoi and although we are typically not fans of large cities, we found Hanoi to have the soul of a much smaller town.  Gritty and edgy while still friendly, the people of Hanoi are truly the cities greatest asset.  On our first day in Hanoi we were scammed for quite a large sum of money from a Taxi driver with an “unreliable” meter but we chose not to let that first impression dictate our overall impressions of the country and its people.

On the following day I had an owner of a restaurant go to bat for me after I dropped my sunglasses (fake Raybans) off a balcony.  After trying to retrieve my sunglasses from the man who said his friend has them I went back upstairs and said to Alyse they’re gone.  All of a sudden the owner of the restaurant, a feisty lady in her mid 40’s, leans over our balcony and starts ripping into the man on the street who stole my glasses.  After close to five minutes of this, we went downstairs to ask the man again about my sunglasses to which he replied “one million dollars”.  Immediately the owner got right in the face of the man and screamed/threatened (all in Vietnamese so I had no idea what she was saying) and after seeing a huge crowd forming, the man sped away on his motorbike.  Two minutes later he returned, threw me my sunglasses,  and then sat on his bike pouting like a child who had just been scolded by his mother.

Going to bat for a complete stranger like that exemplifies the tenacity and kindness of the Vietnamese people. Save for the handful of scammers in Ha Noi, most working with the mafia, we found the general population to be honest, kind, generous with a sprinkle of tenaciousness thrown in.

Ha Long Bay is one of those places in the world that is completely unique in its beauty.  The karst landscape at sunrise or sunset is something that can’t help but to inspire anyone who looks upon it. Make sure to  check out our post on our time in Ha Long Bay.

10) Hanoi traffic is legendary.  Because the Vietnamese people have to pay three times the price for a car (in Vietnam vs. USA) due to high taxes they instead drive motorcycles.  Many travellers will say if you want to cross the road in Vietnam, close your eyes, begin to cross and say a prayer 🙂


9) From the famous Water Puppet Theatre in Hanoi.  This art has been passed down from generation to generation over centuries

Water puppets vietnam

8) Turtle Tower on Hoan Kiem Lake in the centre of Hanoi

Hoan Kiem Lake

7) Atop the highest peak on Monkey Island

Monkey Island Vietnam

6) Hanoi telecom

Power lines Vietnam

5) St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Hanoi

St. Joseph's Cathedral Vietnam

4) Sunset in Ha Long Bay


3) Sunrise in Ha Long Bay

Sunrise Ha Long Bay

2) Fisherman in the Bay


1) Ray of sunshine in Dau Go Cave




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