A Photo Tour – Bali, Indonesia

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Photo Tour of Bali

It seems improbable, but somehow we experienced authentic Bali by staying in a multi-million dollar villa!  It is difficult to articulate just how special our time in Bali was but Alyse does a fantastic job in her post, “Bali: Beyond Our Wildest Dreams”.  Make sure to check it out!

In the following photo tour of Bali, Indonesia we showcase the small town of Tabanan during Kuningan and Gulungan festivals as well as the always popular Ubud.

Here now is our photo tour of Bali, perhaps our favourite island in the entire world!

A traditional Balinese dancer performs in Ubud

Balinese dancer in Ubud

Hindu men pray to the gods

Hindu men praying in Bali

One of the most iconic Balinese images; fruit offering to the gods

Balinese women with fruit offerings for the gods

Three women perform a dance to ward off evil spirits while accepting each village into the temple

Three women ward off evil spirits in Bali

The mythical “Barong”

The Barong

Blessings at the temple

Cleansing ritual in a Hindu temple in Tabanan

 A storm approaches our villa in Tabanan

Massive storm approaches villa in Bali

A holy man exits his family temple during Kuningan

Holy man exits temple in Bali

A Balinese women dressed in traditional celebratory attire for Galungan

Balinese women dressed in traditional attire

Traditional Balinese breakfast of burbur

Burbur, traditional Balinese breakfast

A family on their way to temple

Family of three on a motorbike in Ubud

A holy man performs an ancient hindu ritual during Kuningan

Holy man performs ceremony during Kuningan

Thanks for reading!  We’ll leave you with this short video of a traditional Balinese band called a “Gamelan” performing during Galungan.



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