A Photo Tour – Mount Kelimutu, Indonesia

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Photo Tour of Mount Kelimutu

One of the most beautiful places we visited on our travels was the island of Flores in Indonesia. I really didn’t expect Komodo National Park to offer much more than their world famous dragons, but this archipelago of islands all ringed by white and pink sand beaches was absolutely stunning.

We decided to head inland to Mount Kelimutu which is famous for having three volcanic lakes all individually phenomenal with their unique colouring. On the drive to Moni, the closest village to Kelimutu, we were struck with the natural beauty of the mountainous landscape which featured gorgeous waterfalls and majestic steeped rice terraces.

We pulled ourselves out of bed at 3:30am, jumped on the back of a couple of motorcycles and raced up the winding roads to Mount Kelimutu. After about an hour on the bike and another half hour walking up a dirt path we had finally made it to the summit. The flight to Ende, the trip to Moni and the journey up the volcano all led up to this moment and even though we try not to have any expectations we really hoped it was going to be worth all the effort it took to get there.

And then the sun started to rise…

Sunrise at Mount Kelimutu

At that moment we knew, all the time and money it took us to get here was worth it!

Here is a photo tour of Mount Kelimutu, the villages and beauty that surrounds it. Enjoy!

Waterfall at the base of Mount Kelimutu

Village Mount Kelimutu

Waterfall Flores

Young girl village Flores

Coffins Flores

Goat in the jungles of Flores

Goat on Mount Kelimutu

Rice terraces in Flores, Indonesia

Rice terraces Mount Kelimutu

Children in Flores, Indonesia

Multi-coloured lakes of Mount Kelimutu


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