A Photo Tour – 4000 Islands (Si Phan Don), Laos

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Photo Tour of 4000 Islands Laos

As Alyse mentioned in her post “Impressions of Laos”, we entered Don Dhet with the preconceived notion that it was somewhat of a party island.  What we found was not a party place but a sleepy little island perfect for relaxing in our hammock, catching up on our reading and kayaking in the Mekong. Another surprise for us was the obvious resentment that many of the locals have for “Falangs” (foreigners) in this part of the world which Alyse goes into more detail in her post.  Thankfully we became very close with the family that owned our guest house (Sunset Bungalows) who took some time to open up, but when they did we found them to be wonderful people.  The 4000 Islands are beautiful, with some of the best sunsets we’ve seen on the Mekong and although we had some bad experiences with the locals, we would still recommend coming here if you are looking for a great place to escape the cities, and do pretty much nothing for a few days (or more!).

Here is our photo tour of the stunning 4000 Islands in Laos.

Cock fighting

cock fighting laos

After some poor initial experiences with the children of 4000 Islands, meeting these friendly kids in the rice fields of Don Dhet was a welcome breath of fresh air.

Laos children

Iconic image of the rice fields of Don Dhet

Don Dhet

Bungalows sitting on the picturesque Mekong River

Bungalows 4000 Islands

As a child as young as 7, who is living on a farm in Laos, one of your chores is to bring the buffalo to and from their grazing areas.  I couldn’t even take care of a goldfish at this age!

Farm children laos

The shoreline of both Don Dhet and Don Khon are filled with bungalow after bungalow

Shoreline Don Dhet

In order to get back to our bungalows after lunch, we had to navigate around these massive grazing buffalos!

Buffalo Laos

The Somphamit Falls on Don Khon

Somphamit Falls

Catch of the day!

4000 islands

Taking in this absolutely stunning sunset over the Mekong River is made even better by enjoying it from our hammocks!

Mekong River Boat


Khob chai,

Ross & Alyse



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