A Photo Tour – Hong Kong

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Photo Tour of Hong Kong

After spending 5 nights in Hong Kong, we feel that returning at some point in the future is definitely needed as it didn’t feel like “just another big city”.  H.K. teems with a palpable energy similar yet different from major cities like New York and London. While sports cars, designer brands, franchises and major corporation headquarters can be readily seen throughout the city, the backstreets tell a different story.  The “other” H.K. is one filled  with “ma and pa” merchants, unique markets, run down apartment complexes and a rebellious street art culture.

Even though H.K. is a part of China now and receives its marching orders from Beijing, you would never know it (at least not yet).  After being controlled by the British until 1997 (dating back to the Opium War days), the City is very multicultural,  modern, sophisticated and metropolitan.  With mile high skyscrapers, high tech metro lines and fashionable people everywhere, we sometimes forgot we were even in China!  Of course when you step outside the financial district and get lost around the city, you are immediately reminded where you are.  Local food markets buzzed in the early mornings, clothing markets in the evening, street food and noodle houses on almost every street, bamboo scaffolding can be found on almost every construction site and crossing the road, although more controlled than the rest of China, forced us to keep our heads on a 360 degree swivel.

As a backpacker destination, H.K. may not be ideal as the hostel choices aren’t great and it can be expensive if you aren’t careful, however, if you know where to look, it can be a fantastic way to live like a celebrity for a day.  Whether you wanted to drive a sports car, have a spa day, sail around the Victoria Bay or eat at a Michelin rated restaurant, you can do it all in H.K. and at a fraction of the price back home.

Here is our photo tour of Hong Kong.

The Goldfish Market in Kowloon is a street that sells nothing but exotic fish, aquariums and anything you could possibly need for your fish tank

Gold fish market hong kong

Fresh meat? Typical Hong Kong butcher shop

Butcher Hong Kong

Beautiful skyline view from Victoria Park

Downtown HK

Tim Ho Wan, the cheapest Michelin rated restaurant in the world, best dim sum we have ever had

Dim sum Tim Ho Wan

Massive Rubber Duck in Kowloon Bay

Rubber duck Hong Kong

View of the Hong Kong skyline from the Kowloon Ferry

HK skyline

Hong Kong has an awesome street art culture and there are hidden gems all over the city

street art HK

Daibutsu at the very peak of Lantau Island

Lantau Island

Kowloon’s very popular “Ladies Market”

Ladies Market Kowloon

The infamous Hong Kong skyline at night as seen from the Victoria Harbour “Symphony of Lights”

Hong kong Light show


Gom Bui,

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