A Photo Tour – Kinatabangan River, Borneo

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Photo Tour of Kinatabangan River

The Kinatabangan River safari was something Alyse and I were really looking forward to as we first started planning our Borneo adventure.  The chance to see pygmy elephants, orang utans and lots of other animals in their natural habitat was something we’d only previously dreamed about.

After the six hour bus ride from Kota Kinabalu to the Sukau Junction and the hour drive from the junction to the river, I was visibly angry.  I had just sat through seven hours of seeing nothing but Chinese owned palm oil plantations.  Palm oil plantations which have destroyed almost all of the Borneo rain forest in not only Sabah but Sarawalk as well.  Around the Kinatabangan River there is protected land, but that land is getting smaller and smaller all the time due to the plantations buying up land.

The advantage for the traveller like us is that the wildlife have been pushed further towards the river making them easier to spot from the safari boats but this comes with obvious disadvantages for the animals who inhabit these grounds.  I really hope the Malaysian government wakes up quickly and stops any future deforestation because it has gone way too far.  I hate to sound too negative in this post because we did really enjoy our time spotting animals and birds here but I had to get that off my chest.

Over three days we spotted all the of following: orang utans, silver lipped, proboscis, red faced monkeys, pig tailed and long tailed macaques, five different species of hornbills, monitor lizards, owls, swifters, wild pigs and so many other animals and birds that we left there with our heads spinning.  Although we didn’t spot Kinatabangan’s most famous resident, the pygmy elephant, we were beyond happy and grateful for everything we saw.

Our photo tour of Kinatabangan River in Sabah:

Wild orangutan Borneo

Birds Borneo

snake borneo

Kingfisher Borneo

Hornbills Borneo

Long-tailed macaques

silver lipped monkeys

Borneo Monkey

Pig-tailed macaque

Red-faced monkey

White birds borneo

Kinatabangan River


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