A Photo Tour – Mandalay, Myanmar

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A Photo Tour – Mandalay, Myanmar

It wasn’t love at first site with Mandalay. We didn’t see parks, tree lined streets or cool looking cafes anywhere. The roads were dusty, the horns honked almost constantly and the rooms seemed overpriced. However, after arranging a tour with a local and then exploring every crook of this city over the next two days, we came to really love it. Yes, the downtown isn’t as inviting as say Yangon, but we loved the locals, the food, the temples, and the grittiness. We found there was a lot of beauty in this city but it unveiled itself  slowly.

A lot of our love for this city had to do with our guide San Htay, as he took us to not just the typical tourist spots but also to local spots, the hidden gems, that allowed us to really immerse ourselves in the culture. Make sure to check out our post An Epic Day in Mandalay where we share all of our favourite memories from our time in the rapidly expanding city of Mandalay, Myanmar.

The following is our photo tour through the historic city of Mandalay, which we grew to love:

Monks in Burma

Father and daughter Myanmar

At the market in Mandalay

Local market Mandalay

Boy drinking sweet tea Myanmar

Washing clothes in the river Burma

Carrying sand on his head Myanmar

Boy with a yo-yo

Myanmar baby

Maha Myat Muni Pay

Puppet makers Myanmar

Monks quarters Burma


Road construction Myanmar


Mandalay Hill

Moustache Brothers Troupe

Mandalay diva

Aung Ming Par Say,

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