A Photo Tour – Nara, Japan

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Photo Tour of Nara, Japan

We were fortunate enough to visit Nara over a few days in early May and we were both taken aback by its tremendous natural beauty, storied history and commanding temples and shrines.  The most famous of which is Todai-ji’s Daibutsu, the world’s largest bronze Buddha statue.  Walking into Todai-ji’s main hall and gazing up into the eyes of the giant Buddha was the first time in our travels where we both felt overpowered spiritually as it is truly one of the world’s most magnificent spiritual symbols.

Nara is mostly known for its roughly 1500 Sika Deer who roam the many parks freely and are known in the Shinto religion as “the messengers of the gods”.  We learned that some of these deer have even learned to bow when asking for food.

I hope you enjoy our photo tour of beautiful Nara.

Alyse feeding her first deer in Japan

feeding a deer

View from the outside of “Todai-ji”, the world’s largest wooden building even though the original size was 1/3 bigger (was reconstructed in 1692)!


One of the two guardians at the main gates of the “Todai-ji”

Guardians Todai-ji

The business owners know the deer are the main attraction in Nara and will put out bowls of water for them

deer nara japan

Yakushi Nyorai, the Buddha of medicine and healing.  It is believed that if you rub this Buddha on an area that ails you, and then you rub the corresponding body part, you will become healed.

Yakushi Nyorai

It is said that if you can fit your way through this hole in the base of a pillar, which is roughly the same size of the great Daibutsu’s nostril, that you will be enlightened in the next life.   I think Alyse was thrilled she made it all the way through with all the locals watching her!

Hole in the tree Nara

One of the two Bodhisattvas who flank the great Daibutsu

Bodhisattvas Todai-Ji

Messenger of the gods, with Kofuku-ji peaking out from behind the hill

Sunset in Nara

Alyse becoming the pack leader of this group of deer

Leader of deer

“Todai-ji’s Daibutsu”, the largest Buddha in Japan and the largest bronze Buddha in the world

Todai-ji daibutsu






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