Our 10 Favourite Photos of Osaka and Hiroshima

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Two Cities with a lot of History

I don’t know if there really is another city’s name that conjures up as many emotions as Hiroshima.  What happened back on August 6, 1945 will never be forgotten. The devastating impact of the atomic bomb is on full display at the touchingly named “Peace Museum” in Hiroshima; a city that has rebuilt itself into a thriving urban metropolis. Alyse and I both agreed it may have been the nicest looking city that we visited during our time in Japan. It was green, modern, full of parks and right on the water, not sure what we were expecting, but it was certainly impressive.

The Peace Museum is split into two sections, the first takes you through an unflinching and unbiased history of the Japanese military, the wars they were involved in before WWII, the bombing of Pearl Harbour, and then finally the atomic bombing of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  They do a great job mixing posters, videos, artifacts and full scale models of the bombing.  It really does transport you to the day that the bomb dropped and thousands of innocent lives were taken and others seriously burned and injured.  The final part of the first section describes the atomic bomb and how many countries around the world have them and then explains all the efforts that are underway, led by activists from Hiroshima, to petition countries to disarm their nuclear weapons and avoid another tragedy. The illustrations of how active the ongoing arms race continues to be was seriously disconcerting, and emphasized the need to action today.  The second part of the museum gets seriously heavy as they have on display the clothing, belongings, and even some hair of children who died that day. We all learn about events like Hiroshima in school, but visiting something like this makes it so much more real and lifts the stories of the survivors and casualties from the pages of the textbooks into our hearts. As we took the trolley to Miyajima we couldn’t help but look around us and wonder how many of the seniors who sat on train with us were just innocent babies when this atrocity occurred. Overall however, the sentiment we left the ground with was one of hope and respect for the resilience of the people of this beautiful little ocean side city.

To decompress, later that day we watched the Hiroshima Carp take on the Chunichi Dragons which was a lot of fun which I describe in my post There’s No Crying in Baseball

We also spent a day in the vibrant city of Osaka, taking in the nightlife, the world renowned aquarium and sampling their famous specialty, Okonomiyaki.

Here are our favourite photos of Osaka and Hiroshima:

10) Osaka’s favourite dishes, Okonomiyaki (right) and Yakisoba (left).

Yakisoba Osaka

9) Jelly Fish from the Osaka Aquarium

Osaka Aquarium

8) The Itsukushima Shrine (The floating shrine) of Miyajima

The floating shrine

7) Baseball game in Hiroshima from the visitors performance section.  Hiroshima Carps vs. Chunichi Dragons.


6) Peace Museum in Hiroshima

Peace museum Hiroshima

5) Tempozan Ferris Wheel in Osaka

Ferris Wheel Osaka

4) Lone Japanese Flag at the Hiroshima memorial site

Japan Flag

3) Through an Arcade in Osaka

Arcade Osaka

2) A-Bomb Dome.  One of the only buildings within miles that wasn’t completely destroyed on August 6, 1945

A Bomb dome Hiroshima

1) Osaka’s Dontonbori at Night

Dontonbori Osaka


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