A Photo Tour – Tokyo, Japan

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A Photo Tour – Tokyo, Japan

Providing wonderful bookends to our Japan travels, Tokyo proved to be a city that challenged us as newby travellers, while helping to provide us with the skills and attitude needed for the rest of our Asian travels.  It hit us over the head with it’s surprisingly strong language barrier, dizzying subway lines, and mile high skyscrapers in a seemingly endless concrete jungle.  It was easy to pass Tokyo off as “just another big city”, but when we spent time in each of the very unique wards that make up Tokyo, we realized that the city offers a lot of unique opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else.

As you can imagine, after spending two full weeks in and around an electric city like Tokyo, we took a lot of photos, many of which could easily be included in our Top 20 List, but we had to  narrow them down to just these.  We try and paint a well rounded picture of Tokyo and its people through these pictures.  We hope you like them!

Here now is our photo tour of Tokyo, Japan.

Giant Gundam in Odaiba

Gundam Odaiba

Potential buyers checking out the newest catch at the Tsukiji Fish Market’s Tuna Auction. See “Pulling an All-Nighter in Odaiba” for more pictures and video of the market.

Tuna Auction Japan

The school children in Japan are adorable. Every child wears a uniform from elementary to high school. We spotted these cute kids in Ueno Park.

School kids Japan

One of Tokyo’s famous “Cat Cafe’s”. This one was located in the heart of Shibuya

Cat Cafe Shibuya

Japanese people win the award hands down for being able to fall asleep ANYWHERE!

Sleeping Japanese people on the train

Just outside of Tokyo, The Ramen Museum of Yokohama was a wonderful step back in time.  Read “Not Just Ichiban”.


Tokyo Tower as seen from an overpass near Shinagawa

Tokyo Tower

A few of the many seniors from the “Grey Ghetto” (Sugamo) pouring water over the “Goddess of Mercy”.  It is said that if you wash the area of the statue that ails you, you will be healed. The “Goddess of Mercy” is also said to bring early death to those that wish for it.

Grey Ghetto Tokyo

One of the dozens of back alleys that make of Kabukicho’s Red Light District

Red light district tokyo

Impressive stone wall in the middle of the Imperial Palace Gardens

Imperial gardens Japan

Japanese girls love anything and everything cute, and what is cuter than going to Disneyland and dressing up like matching princesses? See “Tokyo Disney” for our take on how the Japanese do Disney.

Japanese girls at Tokyo Disney

In the heart of the world famous Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya crossing at night

The match to determine the next Yokozuna.  See “Sumo in Tokyo” for more pictures and video.

Yokozuna match in Tokyo

Interesting entrance to a sex shop up the hill in Shibuya

Sex shop Tokyo

Infamous love hotels of Tokyo

Love hotel japan

One of our favourite pictures from our epic night at the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku


There is some amazing street art in the back alleys of Shibuya and Shinjuku

Street Art Japan

Located just outside of Tokyo, the Nihon-Ji Daibutsu (102 ft tall) is carved into the slopes of the Mount Nokogiri.  Standing in it’s presence took our breath away

Nijon-Ji Japan

The famous Rockabillies of Harajuku

Rockabillies Tokyo

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