A Photo Tour – The Singapore Zoo

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A Photo Tour – The Singapore Zoo

We had every intention of exploring all of Singapore’s “Must See Sites” but unfortunately travel fatigue had set in during our three night stopover on this tiny island country.  We spent our three days wandering around Little India, sampling all the delicious food that this little enclave had to offer, which is a lot by the way!  The one big excursion we did was to the Singapore Zoo which turned out to be a pretty awesome day.

We are pretty choosey when it comes to zoos, especially in Asia since the vast majority don’t treat the animals humanely and keep them in very small enclosures.  The Singapore Zoo is different, well sort of.  Some of the enclosures such as the orang utans and baboons were quite large, built to resemble their natural habitat as closely as possible.  On the other hand, we thought the polar bear, elephant and lions enclosures were all far too small and the animals were all showing signs of agitation such as pacing and making odd high pitch noises.

All other ethical comments aside, the zoo was world class and we thought they had done a really fantastic job with the overall design.  They have two new parks that have just opened, one is the Night Safari and the other is the River Safari.  We went on the Night Safari which was quite the experience. Picture overpriced “authentic” restaurants, fire dancers, techno music and souvenir shops as far as the eye can see.  We bolted straight past this chaos to find the line for the start of the safari.  Even though we had arrived thirty minutes early (the trams begin at 7) the line was big enough to make Walt Disney jealous.   The tram ride itself was nice as we passed by quite a few animal enclosures (lions, hyenas, rhinos, etc) where some of the animals actually roamed free.  The guide stood at the front and provided little briefs on each of the animals interspersed with corny jokes about how much danger we were in.  At least I hope they were jokes!  Before or after the tram ride you can walk along paved pathways through the jungle where you can spend more time reading about the animals and watching them which is nice since the tram does pass by most of the enclosures pretty quickly.  The River Safari which wasn’t quite complete while we were there looks great.  Picture the river safari ride in Disneyland but with actual animals!

Here is our photo tour of the world famous Singapore Zoo:

Bonobo monkey

Warthogs Singapore Zoo

Albino Tiger

Polar bear Singapore Zoo


Baboon breast feeding


Komodo Dragon



Brother lions



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