What To Budget For Vietnam

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What To Budget for Vietnam

In our third post in our ongoing series “What to Budget” we detail our spending during our 29 nights in Vietnam. In the following category breakdown we provide per day costs, major influencing expenses, and our best advice to stay under budget. After reading through this post you will know exactly what to budget for Vietnam.

Vietnam is definitely one of those countries where you can live VERY cheaply. Food is cheap as is pretty much everything else.

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Guesthouses in Ho Chi Minh City

This section includes anything spent on accommodation while in the country.

Spending Per Day: $8 USD per person

Digging Deeper: We stayed in hostels and guesthouses throughout Vietnam, staying only in private rooms.

Budget Advice: You will save a lot of money on accommodations in Vietnam if you negotiate the rate face-to-face instead of booking online. Don’t be afraid to try haggling with a few different places you like until you find a price that works for your budget. If you need some quick tips on how to barter while in Vietnam check out our post, “How to Haggle Like a Pro”.



This section includes any meals, drinks, alcohol and groceries.

Spending Per Day: $8 USD per person

Digging Deeper: In Vietnam we ate as much like locals as possible, drank beer every few days but only had a few big nights of partying and didn’t eat any expensive meals out.

Budget Advice: Do what the locals do and you’ll save money. Eat where the locals eat and you will save a ton of money on your trip as you can find pho for usually only a couple of dollars.  Drink the local beer called Bia Hoi as it is the cheapest beer in the world at only $0.25 USD for a glass!

Inner Country Transport

This section includes any transport taken to travel within the country such as: buses, trains, flights, rental car/motorbikes (plus gas).

Spending Per Day: $1.50 USD per person

Digging Deeper: The cost per day was attributed to buses between the cities.

Budget Advice: If you have the time, try and overland as much as possible as flying will kill your budget. Also, Vietnam has a three or four city one way pass that you can purchase from your first destination that will save you money instead of buying tickets individually.

Inner City Transport

Bikes Hoi An

This section includes any transport taken to travel within a city such as: tuk-tuks, subways, taxis, & buses

Spending Per Day: $0.50 USD per person

Digging Deeper: The cost per day was attributed mostly to taking tuk-tuks in town but did also include a few bicycle rentals here and there.

Budget Advice: Tuk-tuks and taxis are negotiable and always negotiate the rate up front before getting in. As in every country, if you are going to get scammed or ripped off it’ll probably be by a taxi driver (like us in Hanoi) so just be prepared. Check out our post on The Most Common Scams in Southeast Asia” before leaving on your trip.


Fishing Boat in Ha Long Bay

This section includes things such as: tours, temples, museums, shows, sporting events, etc.

Spending Per Day: $9 USD per person

Digging Deeper: The cost per day was attributed mostly to getting our PADI Open Water Scuba license in Nha Trang ($200 USD per person) as well as our one night tour of Ha Long Bay ($100 USD per person).

Budget Advice: Entertainment is obviously an area that you have a lot of control over. If you are divers like us, that’ll cost you a bit more than most things but otherwise expect that most of your entertainment budget will be going toward a tour of Ha Long Bay, the Cu Chi Tunnels and maybe a few other excursions along the way.


This section includes anything spent on laundry, gifts, and miscellaneous items.

Spending Per Day: $3 USD per person

Digging Deeper: The cost per day was attributed to laundry, a few tailored items in Hoi An and a few other misc. items.

Budget Advice: Of course you have to do laundry as no one likes the stinky kid but of course souvenirs and gifts for those back home are things you have complete control over.


$79 USD per person for one month for Canadians

Digging Deeper: The visa to get into Vietnam for Canadians is very expensive and because of this, the overall cost per day for Vietnam is a little higher than other Southeast Asian countries.

The Numbers: Vietnam

Total Nights: 29

Total Spent Per Person Per Day: $36 USD ($27 USD excluding Scuba Diving)

Our overall spending of $36 USD per person per day might look high for Vietnam and it is. This is because it includes our PADI Open Water Scuba Course which cost $200 USD per person. If you are not planning on scuba diving you should know that our average per day spending drops to $27 USD per  person. We should also note that this average also includes our visa cost to enter the country which is one of the highest in the world for Canadians at $79 USD per person.

We hope you are now feeling confident that you can accurately plan your adventure now that you know what to budget for Vietnam. As well, make sure to also check out our popular post on sample itineraries for 2 weeks in Vietnam to help you further plan your travels.

We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions or comments please send leave us a message as we’d be more than happy to help you out.

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