5 Reasons Why Tokyo Disney is the Best Disney Park in the World

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Girls in Tokyo Disney

5 Reasons Why Tokyo Disney is the Best Disney Park in the World

I think some people might wonder why we chose to go to Tokyo Disney when there are so many other things to do in Tokyo While it is true that there are endless things to do and see in Godzilla’s hometown, Alyse and I both felt that Tokyo Disney would provide the perfect opportunity to see a different side of the Japanese people.

We had grown tired of seeing the strait-laced, almost emotionless business men and women over the first week in Tokyo. We wanted to see how Japanese people have fun, how they interact with their families and most of all, how they do Disney differently than we do back in North America! Read more about our first week in Tokyo in our post here.

Tokyo Disney

After the doors opened at 9, it was a mad rush through the gates , like a door crash sale at Walmart. People were actually sprinting through the turnstiles! I thought this to be a bit strange and wondered why people were running until I spotted the first character of the day, “Pluto”. Shortly thereafter I saw another character, and another and another, and another.

This brings me to Reason #1 why Tokyo Disney is the best Disney Park in the world…

Reason #1: There are Disney characters everywhere

The last couple of times I’ve visited the Disney parks in California and Florida, I may have seen 2 or 3 characters the entire day.  We saw at least 2 dozen characters walking around interacting with visitors while in Tokyo.

Tweedledee Tokyo Disney

Reason #2: Almost everyone dresses up

There were countless friends dressed up as their favourite character, young girls in princess dresses, and heaps of fully grown adults with awesome goofy hats on.  It was fantastic to see everyone’s inner child come out in this usually reserved Japanese culture.

Japanese girls at Tokyo Disney

Reason #3: All the rides sound cooler and scarier when spoken in Japanese

If you think the Pirates of the Caribbean or The Haunted Mansion rides are tired and boring, try it in Japanese!  Trust me…it is a whole new ride!

Haunted Mansion Tokyo Disney

Reason #4: After about 3 pm, the wait time for most of the rides is less than 15 minutes

There are a few exceptions like Space Mountain and the Haunted Mansion but by and large, the park starts to clear out by this time and you can walk right onto most rides.  Even during the peak times, the lines moved quickly with characteristic Japanese efficiency.

Japanese girls dressed as Minnie Mouse

Reason #5: They have DisneySea

I’d never even heard of DisneySea before arriving in Tokyo but this sister theme park ended up being our favourite. They have a few similar rides like Indiana Jones, but offer so many new rides themed after Disney classics like The Little Mermaid and Aladdin! Even with all of this, the highlight of DisneySea has to be the absolutely incredible evening water show which blends Disney characters on boats, classic Disney clips, fireworks and features Mickey at the centre of it all directing the action from atop his Fantasia hat! 100% worth the price of admission!

Tokyo DisneySea

PIN This!

Tokyo Disney Pinterest

We left Tokyo Disney seeing the Japanese people in a whole new light. Children were thrilled beyond belief to meet their favourite characters, families were out spending quality time with each other and adults were seemingly carefree for the day!

I’ll never forget seeing a normally reserved button-downed Japanese business man skipping down a lane-way hand-in-hand with Goofy.

You gotta love Disney!


Ross & Alyse

Us with Dopey Tokyo Disney



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