Best answer: Is the attraction between like molecules?

Cohesion (from Latin cohaesiō “cling” or “unity”) or cohesive attraction or cohesive force is the action or property of like molecules sticking together, being mutually attractive.

What is an attraction between different molecules called?

The force of attraction between the same kind of molecules is called the force of cohesion. The force of attraction between different kinds of molecules is called the force of adhesion.

Is the attraction between unlike molecules?

The force of attraction between unlike atoms and molecules on two different surfaces is called adhesion (e.g., a water molecule is attracted to a tree leaf). … The force of attraction between like atoms and molecules is called cohesion (e.g., a water molecule is attracted to another water molecule).

What is force of attraction between molecules?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. An intermolecular force (IMF) (or secondary force) is the force that mediates interaction between molecules, including the electromagnetic forces of attraction or repulsion which act between atoms and other types of neighboring particles, e.g. atoms or ions.

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When similar molecules and atoms are attracted to each other and want to be close together this is known as <UNK> attraction?

When two particles experience an intermolecular force, a positive (+) charge on one particle is attracted to the negative (-) on the other particles. When intermolecular forces are strong the atoms, molecules or ions are strongly attracted to each other, and draw closer together.

What is attraction of molecules to molecules of the same kind?

Cohesion refers to the attraction of molecules for other molecules of the same kind, and water molecules have strong cohesive forces thanks to their ability to form hydrogen bonds with one another.

What is the attractive force between similar molecules?

The force of cohesion is defined as the force of attraction between molecules of the same substance.

What is the attractive force between similar molecules called?

Attractive forces between molecules of the same type are called cohesive forces. Attractive forces between molecules of different types are called adhesive forces.

What is the attraction among the molecules throughout the mass of a material?

Intramolecular forces are those within the molecule that keep the molecule together, for example, the bonds between the atoms. Intermolecular forces are the attractions between molecules, which determine many of the physical properties of a substance.

What is the relationship between an atom and a molecule?

Atoms are single neutral particles. Molecules are neutral particles made of two or more atoms bonded together.

What happens when molecules have a high level of attraction to themselves?

The increased pressure brings the molecules of a gas closer together, such that the attractions between the molecules become strong relative to their KE. Consequently, they form liquids.

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What is the molecular attraction that holds molecules of two dissimilar substances together?

The attraction among molecules of different substances is called adhesion. Water molecules “stick” to many other materials because of hydrogen bonds.