Has Foreigner Cancelled any concerts?

Classic rock group Foreigner abruptly canceled its Friday show at Modesto’s Fruit Yard Amphitheater because of an outbreak of COVID-19 in its touring party. … Besides its Modesto show, the group has canceled its upcoming shows in Reno, Saratoga, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara which run through Oct. 2.

Is Foreigner concert Cancelled?

Due to a scheduling conflict, FOREIGNER has been forced to cancel their concert, THE GREATEST HITS OF FOREIGNER, on October 25, 2021, at the Providence Performing Arts Center (PPAC). … FOREIGNER ticketholders who purchased their tickets from PPAC will automatically receive a refund; no further action is needed.

Is Foreigner touring in 2021?

Foreigner will head out on a 121-date tour across 16 countries in 2021 and 2022. The expansive tour’s U.S. leg, which kicks off in June, stops in 71 cities in 42 states.

Why did Foreigner cancel at the Melody Tent?

‘Feels like the first time’? Foreigner’s 2021 concert tour includes Cape Cod Melody Tent stop. Update: The Hyannis stop on this concert tour has been canceled, according to staff at the Cape Cod Melody Tent, “due to circumstances beyond our control.”

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What is the greatest hits of Foreigner tour?

Streams of FOREIGNER’s hits are approaching 10 million per week.


1 I Want to Know What Love Is – 1999 Remaster Foreigner 5:04
2 Waiting for a Girl like You Foreigner 4:52
3 Cold as Ice Foreigner 3:20
4 Hot Blooded Foreigner 4:28
5 I Don’t Want to Live Without You Foreigner 3:57

Is Lou Gramm still with Foreigner 2021?

Fast-forward to 2021 and the former Foreigner singer has returned to the road, once again sharing the stage with Asia Featuring John Payne, who are playing their own set and doing double duty as Gramm’s backing band.

Is Foreigner still alive?

In 1977 Foreigner released its self-titled debut album, the first of four straight albums to be certified at least 5x platinum in the US.

Foreigner (band)

Origin New York City, New York, United States
Genres Hard rock arena rock soft rock pop rock
Years active 1976–present
Labels Rhythm Safari Atlantic

Why did Foreigner cancel their tour?

Classic rock group Foreigner abruptly canceled its Friday show at Modesto’s Fruit Yard Amphitheater because of an outbreak of COVID-19 in its touring party. … It is mystifying how this virus has crept into our camp and all we can say is we are so sorry and we can’t wait to be able to safely tour again.”

Is Kelly Hansen still with Foreigner?

Hansen joined Foreigner in 2005, after Lou Gramm left in 2003 due to continuing conflicts with Mick Jones.

Kelly Hansen
Years active 1985–present
Associated acts Foreigner, Hurricane, Unruly Child, Perfect World
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Why did Foreigner break up?

While both were successful and spawned Top Ten hits (Gramm with “Midnight Blue” and Foreigner with “Say You Will”), tension between Gramm and Jones came to a head regarding the singer’s desire to focus on his solo career, which led to Gramm’s split from Foreigner in 1989.

Does Mick Jones play with Foreigner?

Michael Leslie Jones (born 27 December 1944) is a British musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer, best known as the last remaining original member of the British-American rock band Foreigner.

What is Foreigners net worth?

Mick Jones net worth: Mick Jones is an English songwriter and guitarist who has a net worth of $25 million dollars. Mick Jones is best known for his work in the band Foreigner.

Mick Jones (Foreigner) Net Worth.

Net Worth: $25 Million
Profession: Musician, Record producer, Songwriter, Guitarist
Nationality: England

What happened to the original lead singer of Foreigner?

1990s. Gramm announced his departure from Foreigner in May 1990 due to differences with Jones, and to focus on his solo career. Gramm left the group in 1990 to form Shadow King with close friend and former Black Sheep bassist Bruce Turgon. The new group’s 1991 self-titled album was released by Atlantic Records.

Who is the lead singer of Foreigner?

Jones is the only original member who remains in the band, but has been dealing with health issues. His appearance on tour isn’t a guarantee, and he performs at about 50% of their live dates, according to the band’s publicist, John Lappen.

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