How safe is Shanghai for tourists?

Shanghai has a low crime rate, particularly for a major city, but petty crimes like pickpocketing do happen in crowded areas like train stations, markets, and busy streets. There are also a number of scams that specifically target foreigners and tourists. Be Proactive! Your Safety Is In Your Hands.

Is Shanghai safe for foreigners?

Shanghai feels very safe, and crimes against foreigners are rare. Petty theft is unusual, but if you have something stolen, you need to report the crime at the district’s Public Security Bureau (PSB; 公安局; Gōng’ānjú) office and obtain a police report.

Do and don’ts in Shanghai?

When in Shanghai, Don’t…

  • Don’t spend all your time in the most popular tourist areas. …
  • Don’t miss out on visiting Shanghai’s museums and art galleries. …
  • Don’t miss out on the beautiful temples. …
  • Don’t spend all your cash at expensive stores. …
  • Don’t just eat at famous restaurants – Chinese/Shanghainese ones especially.

Is Shanghai in China safe?

Crime & Safety

China is one of Asia’s safest destinations, and Shanghai is one of the safest cities in the world for foreign travelers.

Do they speak English in Shanghai?

It’s possible that Shanghai has the most English speakers of any big city in Mainland China. And Hong Kong, according to the EF English Proficiency Index 2018, ranked at Moderate Proficiency. In rural areas you’ll see and hear less English.

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Are Americans safe in Shanghai?

In terms of violent risks, Shanghai is not considered dangerous, unlike many other cosmopolitan cities. Police use modern technology and the city is under constant surveillance to stop criminal acts. Petty crimes are common, and the minimum attention is enough to prevent tourists to become victims of thieves.

Why is Shanghai better than Beijing?

Beijing is the political and cultural center of China. And Beijing is also the capital of China, while Shanghai is the business center of China. Beijing is famous for its rich historical sites, such as Forbidden City, Great Wall while Shanghai is well known for its modern cityscapes and skyscraper night views.

What should I avoid in China?

10 Things Not to Do in China

  • Don’t Talk about Uncomfortable or Politically Sensitive Topics. …
  • Don’t Disrespect the Customs of Minority Groups and Temples. …
  • Don’t Make Close Personal Contact, Such as a Hug or Kiss. …
  • Don’t Expect Interpersonal Communications to Be the Same. …
  • Don’t Forget Your Manners When Using Chopsticks.

Are Chinese friendly to foreigners?

Confucius has said “Be happy when you meet people from far place”. Therefore, Chinese are very friendly to foreigners, no matter where you from.

Do Chinese people touch?

Physical Contact: The Chinese generally do not touch people that are strangers to them unless it is unavoidable (i.e., in a crowd). However, close friends or the same gender may stand or sit close to one another or walk arm in arm. … Eye Contact: Direct eye contact is generally favoured over indirect eye contact.

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What foreigners should not do in China?

Ten Things Never to Do in China

  • Introduction.
  • Never accept a compliment graciously.
  • Never make someone lose face.
  • Never get angry in public.
  • Never address people by their first names first.
  • Never take food with the wrong end of your chopsticks.
  • Never drink alcohol without first offering a toast.