Who can apply for dependent visa UK?

Who are eligible for dependent visa?

Spouses, partners and unmarried children under the age of 18 are eligible for dependent visas.

Who can be dependent in UK?

Eligibility requirements for dependents

To qualify as a dependent, you must be the sponsor’s spouse, unmarried, or civil partner. Children under 18 can also apply for the visa to the UK as dependents of the sponsor.

Can I apply for dependent in UK?

Your partner and children (‘dependants’) may be able to apply to come to the UK or stay longer in the UK. You must be one of the following: a full-time student on a postgraduate level course (RQF level 7 or above) that lasts 9 months or longer. … a Doctorate Extension Scheme student.

Is UK allowing dependent visa?

Yes, depending on the course that you’ve applied for, dependents can come to the U.K. if you’re coming to the U.K. to study a postgraduate course, then you are able to bring dependents. Unfortunately for undergraduate courses, you’re not able to bring them.

Can I bring my sister to UK permanently?

When you have indefinite leave to remain in the UK or are a British Citizen, you can bring your siblings to the country. … When you have an indefinite leave to remain in the UK, you can bring your siblings to the country. This is also relevant for those who are already British citizens.

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Can a dependent stay in UK without main applicant?

– Yes, the dependent can continue living in the country as long as their visa is still valid. Regardless of the main applicant being out of the country.