You asked: How much are tickets for Foreigner?

Typically, Foreigner tickets can be found for as low as $58.00, with an average price of $115.00.

How long is a Foreigner concert?

How Long is a Foreigner Concert? A Foreigner concert tour performance can last up to three hours. Expect up to 20 songs during the show, plus at least one encore. Encores can include up to five songs, so be sure you stay until the bitter end.

Do foreigners still tour?

Hailed as one of the most popular rock acts on the planet, Foreigner continue to sell out tours. In 2017 the band celebrated their 40th anniversary with a huge North American tour and also embarked on the Juke Box Heroes Tour in 2018 and the Cold As Ice Tour in 2019.

How much does a ticket to a concert cost?

Average price of a ticket for a music tour 2011-2019

In 2019, it cost an average of 96.17 U.S. dollars to see an artist live in concert. This marks a substantial increase from 2015, when a gig ticket cost just over 78 dollars.

Is Foreigner concert Cancelled?

Due to a scheduling conflict, FOREIGNER has been forced to cancel their concert, THE GREATEST HITS OF FOREIGNER, on October 25, 2021, at the Providence Performing Arts Center (PPAC). … FOREIGNER ticketholders who purchased their tickets from PPAC will automatically receive a refund; no further action is needed.

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Why did Foreigner break up?

While both were successful and spawned Top Ten hits (Gramm with “Midnight Blue” and Foreigner with “Say You Will”), tension between Gramm and Jones came to a head regarding the singer’s desire to focus on his solo career, which led to Gramm’s split from Foreigner in 1989.

Why did Foreigner cancel their tour?

Classic rock group Foreigner abruptly canceled its Friday show at Modesto’s Fruit Yard Amphitheater because of an outbreak of COVID-19 in its touring party. … It is mystifying how this virus has crept into our camp and all we can say is we are so sorry and we can’t wait to be able to safely tour again.”

Who plays in foreigner now?


Name Years active Instruments
Mick Jones 1976–present lead & rhythm guitar keyboards backing vocals
Jeff Pilson 2004–present bass backing vocals
Kelly Hansen 2005–present lead vocals percussion
Michael Bluestein 2008–present keyboards backing vocals

Who is singing for foreigner now?

Kelly Hansen (born April 18, 1961) is an American singer, best known as the current lead singer of the rock band Foreigner.

Kelly Hansen
Genres Hard rock, heavy metal, glam metal
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, musician
Instruments Vocals guitar keyboards percussion
Years active 1985–present

How much is a Justin Bieber concert ticket?

Typically, Justin Bieber tickets can be found for as low as $145.00, with an average price of $230.00.

How much do front row Ariana Grande tickets cost?

If you’re a huge fan and want to upgrade your viewing experience, you want to look at the premium VIP front row seats. These exclusive seats in Las Vegas will run you between $525 and $850.

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How much does a Taylor Swift concert cost?

Typically, Taylor Swift tickets can be found for as low as $175.00, with an average price of $221.00.

Is Lou Gramm still with Foreigner 2021?

Fast-forward to 2021 and the former Foreigner singer has returned to the road, once again sharing the stage with Asia Featuring John Payne, who are playing their own set and doing double duty as Gramm’s backing band.

Is Foreigner still original members?

Jones is the only original member who remains in the band, but has been dealing with health issues. His appearance on tour isn’t a guarantee, and he performs at about 50% of their live dates, according to the band’s publicist, John Lappen. Hansen said it’s a delight to tour with Foreigner’s current lineup.