Best answer: What are the documents required for Oman employment visa?

Attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Oman Embassy in the employee’s native country. A copy of the labor license issued by the Ministry of Manpower. An invitation or job offer letter from your registered company. A medical certificate from an approved clinic based on the employee’s home country.

How much is Oman employment visa?

Oman Visa Fees

SR.NO. TYPE OF VISA In rupees (approx.)
1. Tourist Visa Rs 3,400
2. Employment Visa or Oman work visa Rs 3,400
3. Family joining & family residence visa Rs 3,400
4. Student Resident Visa Rs 3,400

How long does it take to process employment visa in Oman?

Time required

The Oman Embassy takes up to 2 to 15 days to process the visa. The work visas can take a variable time to reach you as it depends on certain factors like the company sponsoring the visa, policies involved, education qualification, medical conditions if any, number of years of experience.

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Is Oman issuing work visas now?

Yes, Oman is issuing visas.

How can I get employment visa in Oman from India?

The documents required for getting an approval for an employment visa are:

  1. Two photographs of the applicant of dimensions 40X60mm.
  2. A copy of the applicant’s passport. …
  3. The original visa application form of the applicant along with multiple copies.

How can I get a job in Oman?

Requirements to Obtain Oman Work Visas

  1. An Omanization plan showing the positions you’ll fill with Omani nationals.
  2. A list of desired expatriate employees, including positions and genders.
  3. Copies of all foreign employee passports with at least six months’ validity.
  4. Employees’ relevant certificates and qualifications.

How much is a 2 year visa?

How much is Dubai visa fees for 2 years? Now that we know the various long term visa types a typical two year work visa covers charges for medical fitness, visa stamping, ministry of labor and other fringe benefits. It generally costs about AED 3000 – AED 7000 inclusive of all taxes and processing fees.

What is work permit in Oman?

It is granted at the request and on the responsibility of an employer to a foreigner who is coming to Oman for employment. Unless the foreigner is invited by a government organization a labour permit from the Ministry of Manpower is needed.

What is the minimum wage in Oman?

In Oman, the minimum wage is 325 OMR per month, of which 225 OMR must be salary, and the remaining 100 OMR must be paid as a bonus.

How can I change my profession in Oman?

You cannot change your job in Oman unless a No Objection Certification or NOC is given to you. It is just that although you have the certification in hand, the Ministry of Manpower won’t permit your current employer to obtain a new clearance that you can be replaced with another expatriate employee.

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How many days we can stay in Oman after visa expiry?

A person on any visit visa overstays the allowed period in excess of 24 hours from the date of visa expiry. A person on any residence visa overstays the allowed period in excess of 30 days from the date of visa expiry.

What is visa clearance in Oman?

The employment visa requires the employer to have labor clearance from the Ministry of Manpower. The employee must satisfy approval criteria to be eligible for an employment visa, including Omanization quotas for the minimum level of Omani nationals employed in the company.

How can I migrate to Oman from India?

In most cases, Indians are offered a single entry visa for Oman, which allows them a stay up to 1 month. The visa is usually valid for up to 6 months from the date of issue. An applicant can also opt for a Joint Visa for Oman and Qatar or Oman and Dubai.

Is Oman visa on arrival for Indian nationals?

Can Indians get a visa on arrival in Oman? Visas on arrival are no longer issued in Oman. Indian citizens require a visa to enter the country and must apply before departure. Indian passport holders who have a valid visa or residence permit from certain nations can take advantage of the Oman eVisa system.

What medical tests are required for Oman?

Oman Immigration Medical

  • Physical exam.
  • Blood tests. HIV. Syphilis. Hepatitis B & C. Urinalysis.
  • Stool Sample.
  • Chest x-ray.
  • Certificate.