Frequent question: How many tourists were there in 2010?

How many tourists visit annually?

International arrivals by world region

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) estimates that internationally there were just 25 million tourist arrivals in 1950. 68 years later this number has increased to 1.4 billion international arrivals per year.

How many visitors were there in 2000?

According to results received by WTO Secretariat up to August 2000, international tourist arrivals reached 664 million last year, an increase of 4.4 per cent over the previous year.

How many people visited the UK in 2010?

As forecast, the number of overseas visits to the UK is predicted to decline further to 7.4 million in 2021, then to rise significantly in 2022, reaching around 24 million.

Characteristic Number of visits in millions
2012 32.22
2011 31.89
2010 30.4

How many tourists were there in 2019?

1.5 billion international tourist arrivals were recorded in 2019, globally.

What is the #1 tourist destination in the world?

Most visited destinations by international tourist arrivals

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Rank Destination International tourist arrivals (2018)
1 France 89.4 million
2 Spain 82.8 million
3 United States 79.7 million
4 China 62.9 million

How many tourists were there in 2017?

International tourist arrivals grew by a remarkable 7% in 2017 to reach a total of 1,322 million, according to the latest UNWTO World Tourism Barometer.

How many tourists are there worldwide?

Overall, international tourist arrivals reached around 402 million in 2020 – the lowest figure recorded since 1989 – after peaking at nearly 1.47 billion in 2019.

What was the number of international arrivals worldwide in 2012?

According to the latest data in World Development Indicators (WDI), there were more than one billion international arrivals (overnight visitors) worldwide in 2012.

How many tourists were there in 1980?

Total international tourist trips now top 1 billion per year and $1 trillion in receipts, according to the UN World Tourism Organization, in its “Tourism Highlights: 2013 Edition:” “Despite occasional shocks, international tourist arrivals have shown virtually uninterrupted growth – from 25 million in 1950, to 278 …

How many tourists enter UK?


37.9 million tourists visited the UK in 2018. 15.1 million of those visited for a holiday. 11.8 million or 31.4% visited the UK to see friends or relatives. 8.4 million visited for business trips.

How many tourists visited Paris in 2020?

Paris received 12.6 million visitors in 2020, measured by hotel stays, a drop of 73 percent from 2019, due to the COVID-19 virus. The number of foreign visitors declined by 80.7 percent. Museums re-opened in 2021, with limitations on the number of visitors at a time and a requirement that visitors wear masks.

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How many tourists visited England in 2019?

There were 40.9 million visits to the UK in 2019, 1% up on visits in 2018, but 1% fewer than in the record-holder 2017.