How much is Estonia visa fee?

How much does it cost to travel to Estonia from Nigeria?

The quickest way to get from Nigeria to Estonia is to fly which costs $350 – $1,000 and takes 12h 12m.

How can I get Estonia visa in Nigeria?

General Requirements for Estonia Visa

  1. Fully completed and signed visa application form.
  2. Two recently taken photos. …
  3. A valid passport which is not older than 10 years. …
  4. A round trip reservation or itinerary. …
  5. A travel insurance policy. …
  6. Proof of accommodation. …
  7. Proof of financial means. …
  8. Proof of paid visa fee.

Does Filipino need visa to Estonia?

For Philippine Passport Holders, you need a Schengen visa to enter Estonia. Since there is no Estonia Embassy in the Philippines, the Danish Embassy has been given the authority to issue visas on their behalf.

Is Estonia expensive?

Although Estonia is quite affordable throughout, Tallinn is probably the most expensive part of the country to visit. It is the most popular destination and prices generally reflect that. That being said, you might be caught off guard in some smaller towns and villages.

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What is Estonia D visa?

A long-stay (D) visa is an Estonian visa which may be issued for single or multiple entries into Estonia. D-visa may be issued for the period of stay of up to 365 days within twelve consecutive months and it allows to stay in other Schengen Member States up to 90 days within the period of 180 days.

What currency is used in Estonia?

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Estonia and Nigeria is 5,666 km= 3,521 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Estonia to Nigeria, It takes 6.29 hours to arrive.

Do we have Estonia Embassy in Ghana?

Contact details for the Estonian consulate in Accra

The consulate of Estonia in Accra is located at House no E130/2 Kojo Thompson Road, Adabraka and can be contacted by telephone on 302 976 866 / 302 226 400 and 24 813 4707 / 302 221 629 as well as by email

How do I get a residence permit in Estonia?

To apply for the long-term residence permit, you must also:

  1. hold a valid temporary residence permit;
  2. have your place of residence registered in the population register of Estonia;
  3. have permanent legal income for living in Estonia;
  4. be covered by the Estonian health insurance scheme;

How do I become a citizen of Estonia?

Estonian citizenship can be applied, if:

  1. you have a long-term residence permit or the right of permanent residence.
  2. you have lived in Estonia, prior submitting an application, for at least eight years on the ground of a residence permit or by right of residence, of which at least the last five years on a permanent basis.
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How long does it take to get Estonia visa?

Your visa application can take up to 30 days to be processed. You can work in Estonia when your short-term employment is registered and you have legal grounds to work in Estonia.

How much bank balance is required for Philippines visa?

The bank account should have enough funds to support the applicant’s intended period of stay in the Philippines (i.e. S$200 per day).

How much money do I need to show in my bank account for Schengen visa?

It is generally advisable to maintain a balance of roughly 1.5 lac for 2–3 months before applying for visa, but I recently applied for Schengen Visa with closing amount of 1 lac (out of which 80k was deposited in one go, four days prior to applying).

Can I apply for Estonia visa online?

Application form for a visa can be pre-filled online. If the visa application is submitted to other Member State representing Estonia in issuing short-stay visas, kindly fill in the Schengen visa application form of the respective Member State.