Is Globus Tours still in business?

Globus’ resumption of international operations to many destinations is continuing through 2021 and beyond. … Globus is operating hundreds of 2021 departures to open international destinations as well as a wide offering of domestic tours.

Are Globus Tours Cancelled?

Globus Tours has made the thoughtful decision to suspend international travel operations through April 30, 2021. This includes their family of brands including Globus Tours, Cosmos Tours, Avalon River Cruises & Monograms Travel. Some U.S.A. tours have resumed with small groups of travelers.

How long has Globus been in business?

After 90 years curating travel wonderment, our passion for curating the perfect trip remains.

Is Globus a good tour company?

I found Globus Tours (sold by Affordable Tours) to be a good mix of guided tours and free time. The extra excursions offered were excellent and well organized. This was a first rate, professional tour company. We had an excellent experience.

Who owns Globus travel?

– also known as the “Globus family of brands” is a group of escorted tour, river cruise and independent travel package companies marketed worldwide. They include the brands Globus, Cosmos, Avalon Waterways and Monograms.

Group Voyagers.

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Founded 1928
Chief executive Sergio Mantegazza

Can kids go on Globus Tours?

In our many years of traveling experience, we have found that children under the age of eight typically are too young to fully enjoy an escorted or cruise vacation. … On Globus Family Vacations we accept children from the age of 5.

What company owns Globus?

With nearly 90 years in travel, Group Voyagers, Inc., the company that markets and sells the Globus family of brands – Globus®, Cosmos®, Monograms® and Avalon Waterways® – has given millions of travelers memorable vacation moments and experiences while handling all of the details, allowing them to relax and enjoy more …

Who is the CEO of Globus travel?

Scott Nisbet, president and CEO of The Globus Family of Brands, one of the world’s highest volume tour operators, saw the effect from an overview.

Are Globus and Trafalgar the same company?

Trafalgar is one of several premium travel brands owned by TTC (The Travel Corporation). … The Globus family of brands includes Monograms – which is perfect for travelers who enjoy independent and self-guided journeys, Avalon Waterways – providing luxury river cruises around the world, and Cosmos for the budget traveler.

What is the difference between Globus and Cosmos Tours?

I found that the only real difference is that the Cosmos Groups stay in 3 star hotels and the Globus Tours stay in 4 star hotels and have a few more meals and better optional excursions included.

Is Tauck Tours worth the money?

Tauck always delivers an excellent tour experience-well worth its cost. This was my 7th tour with them. Tauck is the premiere of traveling experiences, high end but well worth the money. The ease and efficiency with which Affordable Tours put this package were exceptional.

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What companies are affiliated with Trafalgar?

Over 350 coach tours around the world, and one of our clients most popular Operators, Trafalgar is part of the Travel Corporation, which includes under its umbrella the sister brands of Insight Vacations, AAT Kings, Uniworld, Contiki & Costsaver.

How large are Globus Tours?

Globus and Cosmos announced they are making their group experiences even smaller, with an average of 20 guests per departure, promising “room to roam.” For comparison, the average group size for Globus is 36 and for Cosmos is 50.

What kind of company is Globus?

Globus Medical, Inc. is a leading musculoskeletal solutions company and is driving significant technological advancements across a complete suite of products. Founded in 2003, Globus’ single-minded focus on advancing surgery has made it the fastest growing company in the history of orthopedics.

How much do you tip a Globus tour guide?

Guides often aren’t paid much, because it’s expected that part of their salary comes from tips, so don’t be stingy at the end of a tour. Unless your guide was incompetent or rude, you should tip a minimum 5 percent of the cost of the tour, and maybe much more.