Question: How did Muni introduce himself to the foreigner?

How does Muni introduce himself to the foreigner?

Answer: Muni followed the man’s eyes and pointed fingers towards the statue and then dimly understood that the foreigner was talking about the horse.

How did Muni meet the foreigner What was his initial reaction?

As soon as muni saw the foreigner alight his wagon , he got so frightened that he wanted to run away . Since the foreigner was wearing khaki cloths , Muni took him to be a soilder or a policeman . For few initial minutes , Muni sat frozen , and then fidgeted and tried to edge away .

How did the foreigner greet Muni?

Answer: When Muni meets the foreigner for the first time, and the foreigner greets him, Muni immediately gives him a detailed account of who he is and who the goats belong to. The exchange highlights the cross cultural differences and make this interaction a humorous one.

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What is Muni’s intention behind introducing himself?

In the story – “A horse and two goats”, Muni shows himself as a gossip monger by asking the red faced foreigner several questions about his family life and children and telling the American about his theatrical days, Vishnu avatars, cattles, etc. without even realising that the foreigner did not understand anything.

How did Muni understand that the foreigner was talking about the horse?

Answer: When Muni tried to back out from the conversation, the foreigner stopped him and asked him if the horse statue was his. Though the linguistic barrier was still there, Muni understood that the reference was being made to the Horse and not to the mutilated body.

What is the difference between Muni and the foreigner?

Muni is representative of the native. He is desperately poor and not even fed a proper food for a day. whereas the foreigner lives a good life he is rich bussiness man he and his wife came to India to visit and travel the country.

What did the foreigner tell Muni about his language?

Muni only knew Tamil language and the foreigner knew only English language. There was a communication problem due to language barrier. When foreigner was asking him about the statue, Muni thought he was a policeman and was interrogating.

Why did Muni begin to talk about the horse enthusiastically?

(iv) Muni began to talk about the horse enthusiastically, because he felt relieved that the American was not there to arrest him, but to talk about the horse statue.

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What has the foreigner just said about Tamil and muni sales talk?

What has the foreigner just said about Tamil and Muni’s sales talk? The foreigner said that Tamil to him ‘sounds wonderful’ and he got a kick out of every word Muni uttered.

Who was the foreigner What did the foreigners say looking at the clay horse?

Answer: The foreigner was a tourist/traveller whose car stopped at Kritam as his vehicle was ran out of gas. He lookedup qt clay horse and cried ‘Marvellous’…

How old Muni actually was?

Muni was actually 70 years old. He told the shopkeeper that he was only 50 as he counted his age from the great famine that once took place in his village.

What did the foreigner offer muni soon after they met?

Soon after they met the foreigner offered Muni a cigarette. He was surprised at the offer as he had had no offer of a smoke from anyone for years. The nonchalant way the visitor offered him a free smoke was beyond his understanding.