What is a non ox visa Thailand?

This type of visa may be issued to applicants aged 50 years and over who wish to stay in Thailand for a period of not exceeding 10 years. Holders of this type of visa are allowed to stay in Thailand for up to 5 years upon entry. Employment of any kind is strictly prohibited.

What is Thai ox visa?

This category of visa is issued to the applicant who is an Australian national or a permanent resident currently residing in Australia whose age is 50 years or over and are currently residing in Australia. 2. O-X Visa Conditions. – Holder of O-X Visa is allowed to stay in Thailand for five years.

What is a non immigrant ox visa?

A new visa has been launched and is dividing opinion across the expat community. It’s called the Non-Immigrant O-X (long stay). Technically it is a “new” retirement visa because it shares very similar properties with the Non Immigrant O-A visa, commonly known as the ‘retirement visa’.

What is OA or ox visa in Thailand?

Non – Immigrant Visa (O – A) Long Stay retirement (up to 1 year) ———————————– Purpose of visit : This type of visa may be issued to applicants aged 50 years or over who wish to stay in Thailand for a period NOT exceeding 1 year without the intention of working.

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What is non ox?

7 ก.ย. 2560. Non-Immigrant Visa “O-X” (Long Stay) On 22 November 2016, the Cabinet of Thailand approved new scheme which allows nationals from 14 countries to stay in Thailand for the maximum period of 10 years.

How do I get a 10 year Thai visa?

Criteria for Eligibility

If you’re a pensioner, you’ll need to provide proof of $80,000 in income (plus $1 million in assets) over the last two years; if you’re a digital nomad, you’ll need to show proof of $80,000 in income (plus $1 million in assets) over the last two years.

How do I get a long term Thai visa?

Permanent Resident Visa

To qualify for this visa, you must have stayed in Thailand for 3 consecutive with the one-year-visa extensions. If you are married to a Thai for 5 years, you must be earning 30,000 Baht/month. If you are single, at least your monthly income should be 80,000 Baht.

Can Digital Nomads work in Thailand?

Thailand doesn’t have a digital nomad visa, but digital nomads, remote workers and other location-independent professionals can use the Thailand Smart Visa instead. The eligible applicants can enjoy the right to legally stay and work in the country for up to four years.

Can dependent work in Thailand?

Once inside Thailand, your dependent will have to submit a 90-day report at the nearest Immigration Office for each 90 days they are in the country, just like you. The Non-Immigrant “O” Visa for dependents does not allow them to legally work in Thailand.

Can I apply for a retirement visa in Thailand?

A Thai retirement visa is available for foreign nationals over 50 years of age who wish to retire in Thailand. This visa can be applied for in Thailand or while overseas, at a Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate. When applied for within Thailand it is officially known as a Non-Immigrant O-Long Stay Visa.

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Can I apply for a non-immigrant O visa in Thailand?

The person must reside in Thailand for a minimum of 60-days before applying for a Non O Visa Thailand. To apply for this visa, you will need to following documentation: Proof of the relationship such as a marriage certificate, birth certificate or legal adoption papers.

Can I get a 90 day tourist visa for Thailand?

The 90-Day Non-Immigrant visa is issued to foreigners who wish to enter Thailand for study, business, investment, retirement and other purposes. … The holder of this visa is also given a period of 90 days stay inside Thailand and can be extended for 7 days.

Can you get a visa to Thailand with a criminal record?

Stuart. Yes, you can travel to or transit Thailand with a criminal record, provided you have a valid passport. However, depending upon the kind of crime for which you were convicted, you may experience difficulty getting a visa to remain there for more than 30 days (if that is your goal).