How much economic income did domestic tourism generate in Mecklenburg County in 2018?

Approximately 29.6 million visitors — an increase of 400,000 from 2018 — came to the area last year. State and local tax revenues generated from travel to Mecklenburg County totaled $425.7 million, representing an estimated annual tax savings of $383 for every resident in the county.

How much economic income did domestic tourism generate in Mecklenburg County in 2019?

Beyond the Charlotte region, domestic visitors to North Carolina spent a record $26.75 billion in 2019 (an increase of 5.6 percent from 2018), directly supporting more than 236,000 jobs and $6.6 billion in payroll income across the state.

How much money does North Carolina make from tourism?

Visitors to North Carolina generated nearly $3.0 billion in federal, state and local taxes in 2020. The total represents a 26.6 percent decrease from 2019. State tax receipts as a result of domestic visitor spending decreased 26.4 percent to more than $891.6 million in 2020.

Is Charlotte a tourism economy?

The Charlotte region also continues to boast the largest number of direct tourism employees and the largest payroll in the state. The leisure and hospitality industry represents 1 in 9 or 140,800 jobs and is the fourth largest industry in the Charlotte region, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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How many people visit Charlotte each year?

National Travel & Tourism Week Spotlights Faces of Tourism in Charlotte. In 2015, the Charlotte region hosted approximately 26.8 million visitors annually,1 and tourism-related visitor spending exceeded $6.5 billion.

How is the economic impact of tourism calculated?

The general formula for calculating economic impact is given by the product of number of tourists, average spending per tourist, and appropriate multipliers.

What is the economic impact of hospitality and tourism on the state of North Carolina?

Total tourism demand tallied $29.5 billion in 2016, expanding 4.3%. This marks another new high for the North Carolina tourism sector and the seventh consecutive year of growth. The direct GDP of the tourism sector grew 6.5% to $12.0 billion in 2016.

Why is tourism important to North Carolina?

Tourism plays an important role in North Carolina’s economy, with nearly every sector of the state’s economy benefiting from tourist activities. … Tourism generates $2.2 billion in federal taxes and $2.1 billion in state and local taxes.

How much economic income did domestic tourism generate in Mecklenburg County in 2017?

Highlights include: Mecklenburg County received $5.38 billion in domestic travelers’ expenditures to lead all of North Carolina’s 100 counties. Wake County ranked second with $2.27 billion, followed by Guilford County with $1.41 billion, Buncombe with $1.14 billion and Dare with $1.13 billion in visitor spending.