Question: How do I add a Virtual Tour to Crmls?

Click Add Virtual Tour to add a new virtual tour to the listing. Enter a Description, and in the Virtual Tour URL box enter the full web address (including http://) from your virtual tour provider. Check the box to indicate the virtual tour is branded. When finished click Save.

How do I add a virtual tour to my MLS listing?


  1. Click the Listings menu.
  2. Click Add & Edit Listings.
  3. Click the Edit button.
  4. Scroll down to and click on Photos & Tours.
  5. Click Virtual Tours.
  6. Click Add Virtual Tour.

How do I add a virtual tour to realtor com?

From the home page of your® professional dashboard:

  1. Click Listings in the left-side menu.
  2. Select the desired listing and navigate to Listing Details.
  3. Under Virtual tour / video link, click on the pencil icon.
  4. Toggle the button next to Enter a custom link and paste your video link.

How do I add a video to my Crmls listing?

Click/hold and drag to re-arrange the video order. Click Add Video to add additional video links. If you made any changes or added a video, click Save Changes. Once you have uploaded all videos, click Return to edit your listing at the top of the page to continue adding media or to exit your listing.

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How do I add 3d tour to Zillow MLS?

To add it, email Zillow at with the property address and the Matterport link that FPM sent you when your Matterport was ready. Zillow’s support team will add it to your listing on the backend of their system.

How do I copy a virtual tour?

How to use the Copy Function?

  1. From the Virtual Tours’ listing locate the tour that you would like to duplicate and open it.
  2. In the Virtual Tour Options page click on the button “make a copy of this virtual tour”.
  3. A prompt window will open asking you to verify the process. …
  4. The process of duplicating the tour will start.

Where can I host a virtual tour?

Best 360° Virtual Tour Software Options for Real Estate in 2020

  • Kuula. Price: Starting at $12 per month. …
  • 3DVista Virtual Tour Pro. Price: $559 – One-time fee. …
  • CloudPano. Price: Starting at $10 as a one-time payment. …
  • Pano2VR. Price: $161 – One-time fee. …
  • My360. Price: $45 per month. …
  • Matterport. …
  • Panoskin. …
  • Immoviewer.

How do I save a virtual tour to my computer?

Click on “files” and you will see 3 tabs that say “online version”, “print version”, and “videos”. Click on the arrow on the videos bar to expand the folder. Then click the green download button found underneath “link”. The file will download directly to your computer at the original video resolution size.

How do I find a virtual tour on a realtor?

But by simply clicking on the 3D tour button on a listing on®, you can explore an interactive and 360-degree view of a home for sale or rent just as if you were walking through the property in person.

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How do you do a virtual tour on Zillow?

How do I add my virtual tour to Zillow? Print

  1. Login to your Zillow profile.
  2. Click on the Profile Icon in the top right hand corner of your screen.
  3. Select Listings from the menu options.
  4. Click the Edit Listing button to the right of your chosen listing you wish to add a virtual tour to.

Why is my Crmls account disabled?

Generally, MLS accounts become disabled because of rules violations. If your account has been disabled, you have likely received numerous emails from CRMLS detailing these violations and the steps needed to correct them. Please check for all emails from the CRMLS Compliance team, including in your spam folder.

How do you add videos to Flexmls?

Add a Video

  1. On the Videos and Virtual tours page, click the Add Video button to add a new video.
  2. In the Add Video window, type a description of the video.
  3. Enter a URL or embed code for the video. …
  4. You may be able to link to both branded and unbranded videos, depending on the settings of your MLS.

How do I delete a listing on Crmls?

Click the Select an Action link to the right of the listing you need to cancel, and then click Maintain Listing. Note: you can also locate a listing by entering the listing number in the MLS # field on the left. Change the Status to Canceled, enter the Cancellation Date, and click Save Listing.